Food Home Delivery Service For Lockdown - Le Frog
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Home Delivery During Lockdown

Whilst in the midst of a global pandemic, we have all been forced to adapt to an extremely unusual situation. Whilst in a national lockdown, and catering to those members of the public who have had to shield at home, at Le Frog, we offer a food home delivery service.

This means you can benefit from luxurious catering and buffet options, whether you would like some French cuisine for a special evening meal, a pastry delivery for a filling breakfast, or a mindful moment of afternoon tea. Without being able to go to restaurants, and with varying restrictions, our home delivery during lockdown from our base in Devon can offer you a little taste of normal life from the comfort of your home.

Break the humdrum of grocery shopping and your typical takeaway with a more luxurious spread, whether for a special occasion or just as a treat for surviving another week. Our food is restaurant-quality, and could act as a boost to your mental health, giving you something to look forward to when the lockdown feels never-ending.

With ongoing restrictions and some people fearful of returning to normality, Le Frog’s food delivery service can offer a happy medium for the time being. Cheer up the members of your household with our wide range of meals delivered straight to your door.

Order online today and we are sure to be able to tickle your taste buds and satisfy your palette with our lockdown food delivery services in Devon.

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