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Stress Free Dinner Party

Stress Free Dinner Party

How to have a stress-free dinner party?
Hosting people for dinner can be a fun-filled and enjoyable experience, but if you’ve not planned ahead, it also has the potential to be somewhat of a stressful one as well.
Planning a party ahead of time can make things feel a little bit more at ease on the night, not to mention make your life as host simpler in the days leading up to it. In addition to stocking up on candles and music for ambience, there are some things to think of ahead of time to make things like that little bit less stressful…
Think about the guest list

Hand casserole

One great way to keep stress levels low is to make sure you’ve got a good group of people in attendance. Being selective is a good way of making sure you don’t end up overbooking and have more attendees than you can comfortably host/cook for, but a small group filled with clashing personalities can cause tension! Make sure you’ve got a group of people together whom you think will get along, and take this into consideration when mapping out the seating plan.
Consider allergies and/or dietary requirements

If you have #vegans, #vegetarians, or anyone else attending who may have a dietary restriction, make sure you know ahead of time so that you can plan your menu and any substitutes accordingly.
Shop ahead

Once you have your menu in place, take inventory to see what you currently have in the house. Le Frog Offers a comprehensive Cutlery & Crockery Hire so no need  buy anything else, make sure you pick up ingredients ahead of time to avoid any last-minute hassles or mishaps when it’s actually time to get cooking.

It may be that someone is in charge of the music, someone else the cocktails, and that you have some helpers in the kitchen while someone else hands out the hors d’oeuvres. Having some extra help can make things easier whilst also making the experience more pleasant for you as host, especially if you don’t have an open dining-living space.
Cook up a crowd-pleaser

Go for something you’ve cooked before and try not to make anything too experimental on the night. You can feel more at ease in the kitchen with a recipe you know well, and guests don’t have to worry about any surprises that might not go down so well.
Clean as you cook

Rather than leave all the cleaning until the end of the meal, try to clean up as much as you can as you go, or at least have someone in the kitchen with you who can help. This can also reduce the risk of any errors that could impair the dishes.
Pair drinks with food

You might want to do cocktails with appetizers, wine with dinner and a nice dessert wine or digestif with pudding. Make sure you have all the necessary wines and spirits in ahead of time.
Leave it all to the professionals

One easy way to make your next dinner party totally stress-free is to hire a professional chef from
Your chef can arrive on site with everything that’s needed, and take care of all the preparation, the cooking and clean up, leaving you to enjoy your time with guests.

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