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About Le Frog

For a Unique French Dining Experience

cuisine @ Le Frog a Light Classical Influence, Traditional & Innovative, With a Delicate French Touch the Best of Both Worlds.

“Grilled Salmon With wild rice & Curly Kale… Delicious! “

The Daily Telegraph

Le Frog a Family Business

Le Frog will give you the opportunity to experience restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home, at your wedding or for your corporate event. Established in the heart of the West Country since 2005, serving the UK Since 1998. We have Over 25 years experience in the food & service industry worldwide.

Committed to great quality ingredients, sourced from Britain’s best suppliers you can rest assured that you will get the best money can buy.

We Take The Best of British Ingredients & Give it a French Twist

We source our ingredients from quality local providers to ensure we use only the best of fresh, seasonal produce, delivered to us daily.


Our Fish are collected directly from the boat to ensure freshness.
Our Eggs are all free range from Devon Farms.

Our Meats are free range from our local quality family Butchers.

Our organic vegetables come from some of the West Country National Trust Gardens.


Le Frog provide bespoke French dining direct to you, to enjoy the delights of French dining in your own home, at your corporate event or wedding.  Based in Tiverton (near Exeter), we supply our unique French catering Experience throughout the Southwest. We are passionate about food and will  provide you with the very best service and serve up the most appetizing French cuisine available.

For all your catering needs call Le Frog.

” Great Food and friendly good manners service are the mark of a chef that knows its market and keeps customers coming back for more..”

True Taste


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