Cookery Lessons in Exeter - Get a Great Taste of the West Country
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Cookery Lessons| Devon | Exeter | Somerset | Taunton

Taste of the Westcountry (Full Day) £85.00pp

Prices based on 10 attendees

The Westcountry is arguably the region producing the finest quality produce in the UK, and on this course we will be showcasing our fantastic local ingredients, many from our own suppliers at the Manor that you will use to create delicious and beautifully presented dishes.The Quantocks and its surrounding villages are packed with small organic growers producing vibrant and diverse local food and drink.This is a truly memorable day where we get to show off our fantastic ingredients and you get to cook with them and we can guarantee you would have to look very hard indeed to find a collection of produce so flavoursome and fresh!

Recipes Example

Lyme Bay Crab & Seafood Cakes

Pan Fried Devon Pork loin, Creamy Apple & Potato Puree

With a Somerset Cider Sauce

Caramelised Cinnamon & Spiced Somerset Apple Tarte

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