Finger Food Buffet Menu - A Selection of Pastries and More Online
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Home baked pain au chocolat

home baked Croissant au Beurre

Freshly baked Bread

Jam & Butter

£ 7.50

Selection of Mixed Sandwiches

Sausage Rolls & Quiches

Hand Baked Crisps

Home made Flap jack & Chocolate Brownies

£ 12.50

Selection of Mixed Subs

Chicken Wings & Chilli Dip

Smoked Salmon

Home Baked Breads & Cured Meats

Hand Baked Crisps

Chocolate torte & Apple Tart

£ 15.50

Why not Create your own Devon Catering menu from any of the above

Onsite Chef & Waitress service are not included

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