Cheeky Butlers – Create A Truly Memorable Evening With Le Frog
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Cheeky Butlers

Experts in etiquette, our butlers will transform your night into a truly memorable evening. Operating nationally, so wherever the party,we can provide you with the perfect butler! Call Us for full Pricing & Packages.

On the day of your event:

  • Your butler/s and/or butlerettes will arrive at least 10 minutes before the beginning of your booking.
  • They will call you when they are nearby to inform you of their arrival.
  • Please check your phone signal and have your phone with you.
  • If there are any special instructions e.g. door codes, room numbers or secondary phone numbers please inform the office asap or call our ‘out of hours number’ below.
  • Each butler should have a job sheet for you to sign as they as arrive, to confirm their arrival time.
Please note we can only guarantee time changes two weeks prior to your event; however within this period we will endeavour to make changes where possible.Your butlers/butlerettes will arrive at your event about 10 -15 minutes prior to the booking start time to enable them to receive your instructions and to change into the appropriate clothing. They will also present you with a job sheet on arrival. We would be very grateful if you could take the time to sign the appropriate portion of the form noting the butlers arrival time.

Cocktails and Games

  • The Butlers and Butlerettes don’t arrive with any games or drinks.
  • If you’d like cocktails, you will need to provide all recipes and ingredients. They will make cocktails but are not professionally trained.
  • Party Games ideas can be  downloaded here.  Our butlers are happy to assist with any games you have arranged.
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