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Plant Base Menu


 Truffle & Celeriac Soup (VG)

With Home-baked bread

Tomato & Basil Soup (VG)

With Home-baked bread

Balsamic Mushroom Crostini (VG)

Herb Dressing

Tomato & Onion Bruschetta (VG)

Olive oil dressing

Spicy Vegetable spring Rolls (VG)

Sweet Chilli Sauce

Individual Aubergine Tartlet (VG)

 Redberry Reduction

Marinated Artichoke, Roasted Walnut & Poached Pear Salad (VG)

With Apple cider Vinaigrette

Poached Seasonal Asparagus Bordelaise (VG)

Rainbow Tomatoes Tartare, Balsamic Caviar “Pomme Allumette” (VG)


 Mushroom Risotto (VG)

 Wilted Garlic Spinach

 Puys Lentils & Chestnut Ballontine (VG)

Fondant Potatoes, Red wine & Lavender reduction

Roasted Vegetables and Chickpea Moussaka (VG)

Rocket Salad

Caramelised Onions Tart Tatin (VG)

Red wine Reduction

Baked Provencal Vegetables Wellington (VG)

Baslamic Glaze, Curried Parsnip & Orange Pepper Carrots

Lime, Sesame & Soya Marinated  Tofu (VG)

Stir Fry Vegetables & Courgette Noodles

Spinach & Tomato Tagliatelle (VG)

Creamy Silken Tofu & Garlic Sauce


Root Vegetable Gratin “En Cocotte” (VG)

Pomme Gourmandes

Roasted Celeriac  “Steak” (VG)

Cauliflower Puree & Pomme frite


Apple Tart Tatin (VG)

Crème Anglaise

 Raspberry Silken Tofu Cheesecake (VG)

Redberry Coulis

Chocolate & Orange Mousse (VG)

Biscuit Sand

Rum & Expresso Parfait (VG)

Chocolate Chard

Lemon & Lime Tart (VG)

Gin & Raspberry Sauce

Mis-Cuit Chocolat (VG)

Mango Coulis

Our Plant Base menu is the perfect Vegan menu, for your dinner party in Devon, Somerset & Avon.

We take the same care &  apply the same “savoir faire” to our vegan menu than all our fine dining menus.

Contact us on to book your private chef & diner party Catering

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