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Ready Meals

Le Frog, are experts at bringing the famed food produce of Devon together with the decadent, delicious combinations of foods that the French are famous for.  Cultures all over the world, always use food as a way to celebrate life.  Eating is a necessity, but finding time to enjoy your food, being in the moment as you stop to enjoy every last bite is a must.  We all need to be more mindful, and what better time than when eating some of our choice ready meals and tart dessert delivery sent directly to your home.

Le Frog have therefore, worked hard to create a selection of delectable dishes, lovingly put together by our best chefs, to the same level of excellence they use for event catering and party menus.

Tart Dessert Delivery

Our home delivery offers a choice of tart home delivery dishes.  The choices available include tarte au chocolat, and many beautiful fruit tartes.  All of these beautifully crafted chocolate tarte and fruit tarte delivery options can be ordered together, perfect for special occasions celebrated at home.

  • Tarte Au Chocolat Delivery

Although seemingly humble in its creation and look, this dish is truly luxurious.  It consists of a thick creamy rich chocolate custard surrounded by shortcrust pastry.

  • Choc Chip Tarte Delivery

Buttery shortcrust pasty and caramel and chocolate cookie inspired filling; every bit as decadent as our chocolate tarte.

  • Grande Citron Fruit Delivery

A cross between our lemon tart and tarte aux Fruits, and perfect for the lighter fresher palate.

  • Tarte Aux Pommes Delivery

Baked apple and apple compote in a tarte case – absolutely delicious.

  • Grande Tarte Aux Fruits

A French classic – A vanilla Crème Patisserie held in a classic shortcrust casing.

  • Citron Tarte Delivery

You can order an individually sized lemon, lime and butter filling in a buttery pastry casing, or as the Grande tarte Citron, large enough to share.

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