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Le Croquembouche

Le Croquembouche also Known As Piece Montee

What is the secret of success of this “Decorative dessert consisting of choux pastry and crystallized fruit or other confectionery items arranged in a cone and held together by a caramel sauce? As described in the Oxford Dictionary.

No doubt the architectural appearance of the cake sealed the future of this glorious dessert, thanks to a young baker troubled destiny: Marie-Antoine Carême, happy twist of fate that madeLent one of the most sought after pastry chefs in France, a culinary writer recognized. .. and the adoptive father of a wedding cake that had not yet burst we know it.

His study of architecture allowed him indeed to reinvent the famous dessert and to raise the level of art, imposing soon the cake in royal banquets.

The classical Piece, as originally composed the famous croquembouches from Paris, full of those little choux pastry filled with either crème Patissiere or crème Chantilly and standing united under the caramel cone. But the imagination is required for this sculpture of dessert, which is available today in many versions, by the grace of a skilled work sugar and pelletizing (decoration process to paste on the cake ornaments made from).

Forms, ingredients, everything is permitted. Only imperative: the constituent elements must all be edible, it’s tradition. The rest is a matter of patience for the artist-baker and price for customers in search of originality.

Some examples: There are now different types of set pieces: in the shape of car, train, piano, horn of plenty … The most common is the church, because it is shaped tip and reminds the traditional cone of cake.

The achievement of set pieces custom is increasingly in demand: sugar lovers who hold hands, etc…..

The recent appearance on the BBC Program Great British bake off also reignited the demand for Croquembouche.

Know before you give up to the tasting, the cutting of the first part of the cake comes necessarily to the bride – or, if the lady wishes, the Happy couple – otherwise, they said, sterility. ..

Do you dare not to provoke the fall of the pair of figures on the top of the cake and skip the protests of the guest who refuses to share: everyone needs to experience the iconic dessert?

The tradition is severe in terms of happiness.

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