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The Ideal Christmas Day Menu

The Ideal Christmas Day MenuChristmas is just around the corner and many of us will be feeding a handful of hungry mouths around the dinner table. Not only can it be challenging to put together a top-notch menu, but it is also difficult to keep ravenous appetites satisfied. What foods should you consider for Christmas? Are there any suggestions that are sure to please everyone? Let’s take a look at some top-notch ideas that will keep your guests coming back for seconds.


What would a Christmas dinner be without a handful of sumptuous starters? If you are looking to take things up a notch, why not replace a bland selection of celery and carrots with more mouth-watering ideas? Prawn cocktail, chicken liver pate and homemade fig chutney are some great ideas to keep in mind. It is also important to mention that these foods will not take long to prepare; allowing you to focus on larger projects.

The Main Course

It is always wise to present guests with a classic Christmas ham. However, take this flavour up a notch with honey glazing and side samplings of applesauce. If your guests have instead expressed a taste for turkey, stuff this bird with complimentary flavours such as lemon, shallots and thyme. Those who are serving a large number of guests should place a sight bit of pancetta (Italian bacon) directly underneath the skin. This will keep the meat from drying out while simultaneously adding a slight smoky tone.

The trimmings which accompany the main course will naturally be based upon personal tastes. However, some great ideas to keep in mind include:

  • Honey-roasted carrots
  • Red potatoes with garlic and butter
  • Brussels sprouts flavoured with chestnuts
  • Cranberry sauce


Desserts will normally include a selection of pies (such as pumpkin and apple) as well as substances intended to clean the palate. Vanilla ice cream and sorbet are both worthwhile options to consider.

If you are still uncertain where to begin or you simply do not have the time to create such a feast, it is always wise to contact professional wedding caterers in Devon. They will be able to offer up a number of sumptuous suggestions as well as cost-effective pricing options. Christmas only occurs once a year, so why not make the dinner count for everyone who is involved?

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