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Private chef chronicals

Private chef chronicals

Chef Life Chronicles! 😄
This week has been an absolute rollercoaster! 🎢
First, I show up at a gig to find the guests chilling in their undies because it was too hot to handle. Dress code? “We’ll put on clothes before dinner!” 🙈
Next, I’m catering for a 60th birthday bash, only to discover the birthday girl’s husband made a big oopsie – she’s actually turning 50! 🎈Guess he wanted to add a few years. 😂
Then, on another event, we realized we brought the wrong event sheet – wrong table plan, wrong guest list! 😱 But our incredible front-of-house team swooped in, saved the day, and nobody suspected a thing. 🦸‍♂️
And for the grand finale, a party of 11 dwindled down to 5 – talk about a disappearing act! 🎩✨ So, we’re whipping up some takeaway meals.
Being a private chef means thinking on your feet and being super flexible. 🍽️💪 Let’s see what deliciously crazy adventures next week brings! #ChefLife #AdventuresInCooking #QuickThinkingChefs
Private Chef Chronicles 🌟
This week has been an unforgettable culinary adventure! 🚗💨 We traveled over 700 miles to cater for our amazing guests from all around – Wellington, Chew Magna, Cullompton, Bigbury on Sea, Challborough, and Hams Bottom. 🌍
Despite a few unexpected hurdles, we made it on time and had some hilarious encounters along the way. 😂
🛣️ We faced overturned vehicles on the motorway, road closures, and flooded roads, but our determination never wavered. We’re committed to serving you delicious meals, come rain or shine! ☔
Now, let’s dive into some of the funny moments from this week:
1️⃣ “Could I have my filet cooked well done but not well done, just cooked how I like it?” 🥩 I cooked medium, and it turned out to be the best filet she’d ever had! Sometimes, the perfect steak is a little mystery. 😉🔥
2️⃣ “Here’s the access code to the property gate so you can come in as a surprise for the birthday girl.” 🎉 Well, let’s just say, I got the wrong access code initially. 🤷‍♂️ After a daring gate climb, I finally found the property and discreetly asked for the correct code. When I finally revealed myself, the birthday girl said, “Is that a Naked chef?” 🙈 Sorry to disappoint, but I was fully clothed! 😄👕
3️⃣ At a hen party in Wellington, one of our lovely female guests, after tasting her scallops, made a memorable proposal: “If you cook like that every day, I’m going to marry you. We’d make a great couple since I’m really good at cleaning!” 🧼🤣 Love can start in the kitchen, right?
Thank you all for the laughter and memorable moments this week! 🙌 Your support and quirky requests keep us on our toes and make each event unique. We can’t wait to see what the next week brings. Stay tuned for more Private Chef Chronicles! 🍽️🎉 #PrivateChefChronicles #CulinaryAdventures #FoodieLife
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