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Private Chef Service: Book With Le Frog Today

Private Chef Service: Book With Le Frog Today

Here at Le Frog, we work hard to bring together an array of beautifully tasty and well-arranged dishes, with the choice of surroundings and venues that you choose.  For a function, holiday, or any occasion to be truly special, the two things must be in harmony.  At times, there can be no better place to celebrate something special than in the comfort of the most familiar place on earth, the family home.

When you want your special event, occasion or function celebrated in the comfort of your home, but don’t want to worry about the stress and level of organisation associated with feeding and caring for all your guest’s needs, especially if you have a high number of people to invite, then trust our home private chef to work with you to give both a bespoke service, matched with a restaurant experience at home.

We can cater to a maximum of 50 guests, all with a restaurant service that can cater to dietary needs and even specific requests – all tailor-made to your requirements.  This private chef service for home allows you the honour and privilege of caring for all your guest’s needs, without having to spend your entire time worrying about them during the event.  You can enjoy your evening with the full confidence that your own home private chef will have everything in hand.  So, whether the event is for a private estate private chef, or for smaller venues and events, we can cater to your requirements.

Holiday Private Chef

At times, there are places that offer the best experiences in terms of accommodation, but that does not have the catering included.  For example, Air BnB offer some amazing locations and places to stay in the area of Devon where we are based, and all around the area where we provide our private chef service.  Our holiday private chef service offers you the chance to pick from any accommodation that takes your fancy, and still enjoy the restaurant service associated with hotels and other larger accommodation services.  All of the benefits of having private accommodation, mixed with private cuisine!  Could it really get any better than that?

We currently cover a wide area with our private chef service.  Our scope covers the areas of Mawgan Porth in Cornwall all the way to Weymouth in Dorset.  It includes Plymouth in Devon, Bath, North Somerset, Exeter, Taunton, and Bristol in Avon & we hope to continue developing our service to include the lower part of Gloucestershire.  Our private chef, Mikael Perret, has over 25 years of experience and passion to bring to your private event.  His expert knowledge and ability bring together the finest produce from the area, to match with his knowledge of cuisine from all over the world.  So, no matter where you stay, you can enjoy the best tasting experiences and culinary delights associated with the whole world of cuisine.  Why not check out our choice of menus to get some ideas of what we can provide?

Private Chef Service for Home

A private chef service in your home can make those landmark celebrations truly special.  For example, you can book an anniversary private chef, perfect for large and small groups, that wish to make the evening truly unique and memorable.  With an attentive eye on the couple and the guests, we can help those celebrating this beautiful day to feel really cared for and cherished by their family, and be able to take their time to reflect on the many years and blessings they have enjoyed together.

For a birthday private chef, we can cater to your needs whether it be for a surprise or to meet the exact requirements of the one celebrating their birthday.  Throughout the whole process, our private chef will bring his expert services in hospitality and catering to the table, matched with the needs of the guests, and your specific choices.

We are capable of working in whatever kitchen area is provided, so long as we know what facilities are available in order to make sure we have everything needed to make our food services a success.

Contact Us

To ensure your private chef service is exactly what you want, we will have a consultation with you and discuss any needs, arrangements and extra details with you readily whenever you need.  This service has already received some excellent reviews from many guests and families that have used our private chef services for a home function and event, or private holiday let.

We can make sure everything runs smoothly for you throughout the whole day, evening, or holiday.  Bringing a range of culinary talents to your own table, you will experience the comfort and delights of being in your own home or accommodation as never before.  For more information, please do not hesitate to get in contact with us to make any arrangements.

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