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Private Chefs and Personal Chefs – What’s the difference?

private chef

Private Chefs and Personal Chefs – What’s the difference?

There is some confusion about the difference between a private chef and a personal chef: some people use the terms interchangeably. We would usually describe someone as a personal chef if they cook meals from the client’s own food in the client’s home, sometimes to be warmed up later. If a chef is someone who caters specifically for just one customer at a time, providing and cooking fresh food for their event, we would call them private.

Who are private chefs?

They are highly trained individuals, who are passionate about quality food and creating a perfect meal for you and your guests. They cook your food to the high standards you would expect from a restaurant, but at the venue you choose. If you prefer you can also hire waiting staff and even bar staff to make your event run smoothly. All staff will be trained catering professionals of the highest standard.

What’s the occasion?

You may be having a dinner party or cocktail party for friends who you would like to impress, but you would like to enjoy their company rather than spend all evening in the kitchen. You may be having a larger function such as a wedding, hen party or large birthday celebration and want the catering to be tailored to be perfect for the occasion. You may even want a small, intimate, but very special family dinner, or a unique romantic meal for two. Whatever the occasion a private chef can work with you to create the perfect menu according to your preferences and give you a fine-dining experience.

Is it the right choice for me?

There are many benefits of using a private chef. You can have top quality food in the venue of your choice, so you are not tied to a particular restaurant and can even eat at home. You can choose from carefully designed pre-planned menus, or customise the dining experience to accommodate your guests’ dietary requirements as well as taste preferences. You can provide your own drinks or let your chef create a perfectly matched wine list. And you can enjoy a truly personalised service from a professional staff. The cost depends on your menu choices, but it can be comparable to dining at a restaurant. The biggest benefit is that once the catering is taken care of, you can concentrate on celebrating your special occasion.

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