Because Staying In Is The New Going Out! - Le Frog
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Because Staying In Is The New Going Out!

Because Staying In Is The New Going Out!

During the challenging times where the whole family is now house bound.
We are working hard to offer you restaurant quality food in the comfort of your own home, with our new home delivery service for our viennoiseries, French patisseries & ready meal.
We have over the last 15 years specialised in delivering tastefull dishes, exquisite menus & professional service to your dinner party, private event.
From afternoon teas to French Bistro or simple desserts we are still able to offer The Best Of British with a French Twist.
We operate under even more stringent control measures than ever before to ensure our food reaches you in a safe & delicious manner.

We are aiming to have our new online ordering system ready very soon keep your eyes peeled for

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