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The History of Catering

The History of CateringThe concept of serving food and drink between humans has existed since the dawn of time and in the same notion, catering has become an inextricable part of nearly every social gathering. In order to appreciate where we are going, it is crucial to understand where we have already been. So, let’s take a quick look at the history of catering throughout the ages.

Ancient Roots

Many scholars believe that the history of catering can be traced back to at least the fourth millennium BCE. During this period, access to food and drink was simply a matter of life or death. Thus, it comes as no great surprise that ancient cultures celebrated major feasts and other gatherings (such as the late-summer harvest). Slaves would cater to the services of higher classes; helping to reinforce the social hierarchy of the time. However, the true concept of catering is generally credited to the Greeks and Romans.

When in Rome…

Both the Greeks and the Romans were known for their massive empires throughout antiquity. This signified that many hotels and similar establishments were required for travellers. One of the traditions associated with this time was providing guests and these properties with free access to food and drink. These substances would often be brought to their rooms or served by staff during meals. Such traditions were carried on until the Middle Ages. However, the presence of the plague caused many institutions to regress and even disappear.

The French Revolution and Beyond

While catering guilds existed during the 16th and 17th centuries, these were still primarily focused around the needs of kings and other nobleman. However, the French Revolution saw and entire reorganisation of the upper class in favour of the average individual. This forced guilds to shift their policies so they could still earn a living. Thus, the notion of a modern restaurant to serve the masses was born. It would not be long before catering took off on a massive scale; spreading to other major economies such as the United Kingdom and the newly formed United States.

Countless individuals are now employed by reputable catering firms such as Le Frog caterers. The industry itself has become highly refined and guests can expect nothing but the best services when working with these trained professionals. The good news is that you no longer have to be a king to enjoy all that is in store.

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