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Top Tips for Your Event Catering

Top Tips for Your Event Catering

An event catering is more complicated than a gathering of two people. Therefore, planning and decoration need a little more effort. It is important that the planner be able to put some innovative ideas to make the event splendid.

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Not all events have the same level of casualness but Le Frog catering offers services for any kind of event: corporate, birthday, baby shower or wedding catering. Le Frog catering helps you with planning, event venue space and decorations and food. Any events success is largely depended on the service of food. Here are tips to make your event catering effortless and enjoyable:

The venue and Theme of the event

The first thing to do is to look for the event venue. The most important thing to consider while booking a venue is the size-number of your guests. Your guests should feel comfortable in the venue. The type of event decides the kind of decorations to be done on the venue. The theme of the event helps to know the menu required. Also, guests will know how to dress for the event. The theme of the event helps to decide the style of food.

Budgeting and Hiring Caterers

You need to have an idea of how much you will spend on an event. This includes the cost of food and hiring of event caterers. Caterers are important especially if your event involves a large number of guest for they can help you budget for food needed.

Learn who your guests are

You need to know the profiles of the people who are attending the event. If it is a corporate event, the guests’ profile may include their professional level. You can hire and event caterer to help you come up with a perfect menu. Guests of an event have different dietary preferences. For instance, some guests’ ethnic background may not eat some of the foods on the menu. You need to know if some guests have allergies to some foods. Also, the location of the events should be an advantage to your food menu. Like an event hosted at the beach, seafood is an advantage.

Let guests choose

It is boring when people are stuck with the same items on the menu. Giving control to guests to pick what they eat over a variety of items is good. You can put a variety of seasonal foods on the menu to make the menu interesting. The menu should be adaptable to suit anybody in the event.

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